Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Goodland FL (Collier County - near Marco Island)


Goodland, FL is doing just fine! A nice writeup on Goodland, FL - a fishing village in the Old Florida style! Repost from the Marco Eagle.

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Keep it clean. Keep it all clean. Let not a wind

Cleanliness of a neighborhood is a sign of economic stability and prosperity and pride.

Keep the hedges trimmed. Put fresh mulch by the flowers. Bathrooms should smell nice and fresh. Sidewalks should be free of mold (especially black mold) and stains. Streets shouldn't have oil drips on it.

This holds true for homes and it also holds true for businesses, as it also holds true for the entire community.

Collier County FL is a very clean community. From Vanderbilt Beach to Golden Gate Estates, 95% of Collier County is very clean and fresh. Every area has its exceptions, but they only serve to prove the rule! Even in its ugliest parts, Naples FL is more beautiful than many other places in the USA.

There's something that happens to a community when a little bit of overlooked unkeptness rapidly grows to overtake the community. It's called the "Broken Window Syndrome". I mention a little bit about it here: http://free.naplesplus.us/…ken-window and http://free.naplesplus.us/…-explained

The gist of it is this:

Perhaps in a foreclosed (abandoned!) home, a window is broken.

Nobody pays any attention to the broken window.

Yet people drive by, walk by, every day. Kids play around there.

And the grass grows taller and the window stays broken. Bored kids break in through the broken window to see what they can see. Perhaps a homeless person crawls in to make a home. But that's not the main problem.

Before you know it another window is broken elsewhere. Nobody notices.

Then another.

Then a fence is broken. A sidewalk is cracked. Nobody pays it any mind.

Before you know it, there is graffitti. Property values plummet. Places are no longer selling, so they go for rent. But nobody is renting houses. So house is split up into rooms. One house has rooms for rent. Then another, then another.

Within a very short time (just a few years at most), the character of the neighborhood has changed.

All starting from a broken window that nobody paid any attention to.

Kenneth Udut

NeighborHelp Referrals' Affordable Trapping 239-465-9291

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The first time I heard about Broken Window Syndrome was when I was looking into something called "self-organizing systems" ( it's related to chaos theory and complexity theory - I'm a science nut).

The short version of it is how a very small, seemingly insignificant thing is more powerful than it appears at first.

A rumor starts and spreads like wildfire until it culminates in someone getting fired from a job.

A few words spoken by a VP candidate ends up becoming fodder for Saturday Night Live and is all over the Internet and the news and spawns article after article.

A fear about a Depression spirals out of control and ends up CAUSING the very thing it feared!

This can also apply to good things. The whole "Pay-it-Forward" movement is based on that idea, as is the simple effect of making yourself say, "Good morning" to everybody in the office (whether you like them or not) - Good Will, while slower to move than Ill Will, is very powerful stuff.

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Don't worry about the coyotes, Naples Florida.

There have been a lot of hysteria over coyotes in SWFLA (especially in Collier and Lee Counties) and as one who runs an animal trapping company: DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE COYOTES.

We've gone to coyote jobs before, and to be honest, we don't like doing it. They take FOREVER to catch, nobody ever wants to pay for it - even the Florida Fish & Wildlife doesn't come out when someone calls about coyotes. THEY'RE A FACT OF LIFE living around here, just like the occasional bears, or the alligators in the water.

If you want to avoid having to call an animal trapping company:

1) Keep cat food OFF of your lanai! This is probably #1. All wild animals seem to LOVE dry cat food. Do not feed feral cats. If you feed your cats outside, BRING THE BOWLS IN at night.

2) Trim overhanging trees that touch the roof of your house. THIS WILL HELP KEEP PALM RATS OUT OF YOUR ATTIC. It's a simple thing, and fewer people would have to call us for rat problems if they simply did that. They'd probably also save on insect pest control if they did that.

3) KEEP YOUR GARBAGE SECURE. This will help with bear and raccoon problems. Put your garbage in the garage or, if like us, you don't have a garage, build a shed to hold the garbage and recycling bins.

4) If you hear about coyotes in your neighborhood, BRING your cats in at night. Coyotes LOVE rabbits - it is their favorite treat. But if they can't find a rabbit, they also like cats, as they are similar looking.

Coyote encounters are very RARE and there's no need to panic. These are simple things you can do to help reduce the need to call a trapper.

Kenneth Udut, NeighborHelp Referrals' Affordable Trapping 239-465-9291 simplify3@gmail.com Webmaster of: http://free.naplesplus.us/ - Collier County FL News/Jobs/Info/Business Directory

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