Monday, March 30, 2009

naplesplus feeds were going to too many places.

Wow. I'm starting to see that my naplesplus feeds were going to TOO many places. They were auto-delicious'd, auto-fave'd, and on websites I had long ago forgotten that I had joined. So I am going to step back a moment and regain a sense of control.

Google does not like the autoposting stuff, and I can't blame them - what a mess it is. So, if an entry is good, they'll take it. If not, they probably won't. Either way, I don't want to lose what I've gained so far. If I find that new postings end up in never-never-land, well, then I'll just have to try to put things BACK as they were as of yesterday. But I trust Google will do the right thing (I hope). I'll know within a couple of days. I just want Google to keep liking me :-)

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Events now showing ONLY Collier County FL. What

NOTE: You can see the results of my hard work here:…ily-events

(notice how the events STOP right at the border of North Naples + Bonita Springs.)

March 24, 2009: Wow to me! I figured out how to show ONLY Collier County events on the calendar. You think that'd be easy, right? It's not! GEOCODING street addresses is SUCH at its infancy right now.

When I put together the events feeds (which come from a dozen different, convoluted places and ways and methods that I'm afraid to get into right now), I often will get stuff from Estero, Ft Myers, Bonita Springs, etc as well. While it'd be okay if there were a map that had those things on it, I'm really trying to focus hard on Collier County FL as much as possible, rather than trying to be everything for everybody.

So, after getting the latitude and longitude of the various events (again, you don't wanna know what a house of cards it is that it works at ALL), THEN I had to selectly CUT OUT areas that don't belong.

THANKFULLY, due to two wonderful facts, I could do what I ended up doing:

Fact #1: Collier County is so far south, I don't have to worry about anything south of collier accidentally showing up.

Fact #2: The SHAPE of collier county! Ever look at it? There's two beautiful rectangles that I can work with.

So, I ended up:

a) cutting out anything north + east of the northeasternest corner of collier county b) then cutting out anything north and east of the inside corner of the first rectangle (working from east to west c) then cutting out anything north and east of the other inside corner of the next rectangle.

Long story short, what's left behind is ONLY Collier County!

Without the wonderful shape of C.C., this would not have worked. But it does! The hardest part really, was finding out what the longitude and latitude was of those exact points where Lee + Collier connect.

Had to use a federal government mapping thing called TIGER. Wonderful thing.

Hope it helps you find things to do 'round here every day!

(p.s. - I would have kept bonita, estero, cape coral, etc, but there are just TOO MANY THINGS going on in our county to show everything in swfla.)

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