Friday, June 22, 2007

New spot for

Hi everybody!

This is my new spot for information about the amazing, nothing-like-it Collier County community web server - -- yes, that's its name.

Once I get over 250 users, I'll have to run a contest to "Name this Site" since I have 0 creativity.

I just like to compile lots and lots of data and stick it somewhere where other people can utilize it.

thousands of collier county news, naples news, immokalee news, marco island news, ave maria news. Business listings that are so up to date, some of them haven't even opened up shop yet! (like ones for Ave Maria University!)

You won't believe it, if you are a business person.

There's 6000+ listed at:

More to come - watch this spot. [yes, that one. The dot at the end of the sentence. do not move your eyes away.

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