Thursday, February 26, 2009

Take care when registering your business with the state of Florida!

Florida is a great state to run a business in. The process is very easy to register a fictitious name, an LLC, to incorporate, whatever you wish.

But be careful: Florida has something called the "Sunshine Law" and just about every dealing with the State *is* public record and easily found on the Internet.

So when you register your business, PLEASE make sure that you use a business address and not your home address, if you want to retain your sense of privacy.

In the world of 2009 and beyond, as it has been the case for the past few years but now increasingly so, a sense of privacy is a difficult thing to maintain, and it takes an awful lot of careful work.

This is especially true if you have concerns about ex-boyfriends / ex-girlfriends / ex-husbands and ex-wives!

Most information is increasingly public, your name, address, social security number even. And for most people that information being found is not a problem, because its unlikely that anybody is looking for you for unscrupulous or dangerous reasons.

But if you have even the least bit of concern about such things, take care when you register a business, especially if you incorporate, but even if you are simply registering a fictitious name so that you can get a business bank account and a Tax-ID number.

Florida is a state that is VERY MUCH an ONLINE STATE. It is a great thing for those of us who hunger for information but it is a tricky thing for those who wish to protect their privacy.

Best of luck to you and I encourage you to start your own business if you have any kind of skill that you can bring out to the world! Start it part time while you still have a day job. Don't be afraid to advertise and market to your heart's content. You have to get OUT THERE when you run a business and be as visible as possible in order to attract new clients.

But if you wish to start a business and ALSO retain your personal sense of privacy, you have a road ahead of you that must be tread with care.

Kenneth Udut
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